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By Laura Stack

Maximizing personal and team productivity requires notable efficiency. Make sure these practices get your attention: 

1. Leverage Technology. Embrace and encourage new trends, devices, and software as they appear. Let your workers use their own devices for business purposes if they want. Why not take advantage of a productivity source you don't have to pay for? Meanwhile, provide instant "anywhere" access to workplace information. Let team members work from alternate locations with Wi-Fi when it's practical. When a member of my office manager's family is ill, it's easy to let her work from home for the day, so she can still be productive.

By Laura Stack

At one time or another, we've all reached the breaking point at work: the place where you have to get away from the pressure, the distraction, the politics, and the complaints before you just lose it all and dissolve into a babbling mess on the floor.

If you live in Dallas (the setting, ironically, of Mike Judge's Office Space, the exemplar of office breakdown movies), then you can actually go to a business called The Anger Room and start beating things up. For sessions starting at five minutes and lasting for as long as half an hour, you can whale on old computers, printers, fax machines, TVs, and office furniture with your choice of clubs. The patrons say they find it cathartic.

By Scott Mautz

Each and every one of you is currently in a pivotal moment.

You just might not know it.

Is your business languishing in the face of an unprecedented level of challenge from a particularly fierce competitor? Are you being forced to continually do more with less, pushing you beyond the brink of effectiveness? Perhaps friends and family are quietly suffering because you are simply working too much, or you are not present enough when you are with them.

By Tamra Chandler

Mention "performance review" and even the most unflappable employees feel sparks of dread or resentment. No one likes to see his or her hard work and contributions reduced to a mere number or rating.

Most managers don't like the performance management process either. But there's good news: Performance reviews are beginning to change. Nearly 90 percent of respondents to a 2015 Deloitte Human Capital survey said they plan to replace their performance review systems in the next 18 months. The best news? At least 6 percent of Fortune 500 companies have eliminated performance rankings altogether, including Accenture and GE. This trend was noted by CEB, a global company that provides best practice insights to other businesses.

By Linda Sasser

We all have days, weeks, and sometimes seasons where our projects and commitments exceed our capacity. The question is, how do you handle it? You have two options.

1. You can continue to rush around, frazzled and hectic because you have too much on your plate. (This does nothing to lower your own stress level, and it likely raises the tension and anxiety of those around you.)

2. You can raise your hand and ask for help.

You see, many of us have tricked ourselves into believing that the busier we are or the more overwhelmed we are with commitments or work, the more important we are.

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