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By Kevin Eikenberry 

What we believe about ourselves, our situation and our world drives our thoughts and actions, and therefore has a huge impact on the results we achieve. While this is a profound fact for us as individuals, as a leader, those beliefs (and the resulting thoughts, actions and results) have a significant impact on many others too. This set of beliefs is sometimes called our mindset; which according to Merriam Webster can be defined as a particular way of thinking: a person's attitude or set of opinions about something. In a broad way, most people have either an abundance or a scarcity mindset. Rather than defining the difference in a dry way, this chart should do the trick. 

All hiring teams are familiar with the "usual" methods of recruiting. There is nothing wrong with traditional methods of looking for talent, but the fact is, those methods are restrictive. When you post on job boards or work career fairs, you shouldn't expect to find your ideal candidate in a shallow pool of people actively looking for a job.

In truth, the talented candidates you are looking for are probably currently (and happily) employed.

Untrained workers? Recruiting nightmares? Not in your organization--IF you implement these strategies now, that is:

The manufacturing skills gap is very real--and according to a comprehensive study by Deloitte, that gap is going to continue to grow into the foreseeable future. Over the next decade, nearly 3.5 million jobs in manufacturing will need to be filled. If the current trends hold, the skills gap will result in nearly 2 million of those jobs going unfilled.

The economists report we are officially out of the recession and although most of us are still in recovery mode, optimism is in the air. With the change in the economy comes the need to plan for growth. A vital piece for employers is the challenge of hiring the right team to meet their needs. As the unemployment percentage rate goes down, the top 20% of talent is now employed which decreases the pool of available qualified candidates. Small to medium sized companies know they will need top talent to drive their future, but don’t always have the onsite resources to accomplish this goal.

Ready to embark on a new career?  Looking for greener pastures? Ready to fire your boss? Job searching is a contact sport. You are competing against similarly-qualified applicants in a labor market that currently favors the employer side. In other words, there are more qualified applicants than jobs available. For this reason, putting your best foot forward and standing out –for the right reasons– is critical. So how can you make an impression over other candidates? Here’s what you can do to maximize the odds of landing your next gig.

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